“Transferred a large, complex and problematic probate administration and potential litigation case to the firm. Also engaged the firm for will preparation and estate planning.
Reasons for strongly recommending the firm are:

  • Exceptional legal expertise (accomplishments, credentials, and experience)
  • Incredibly organized, efficient, and exhaustive approach and attention to all components of the case
  • Excellent communication (keeping client informed and prompt response to inquiries)
  • Outstanding ethical conduct (sincere prioritization of client needs/protections not the usual “fees first mindset”
  • Every person at the firm is professional, helpful, kind, and friendly at all times (very important during the extreme stress of probate and emotional distress of losing a loved one)

The turnaround in outstanding events and forward motion immediately after substituting counsel with the firm was truly remarkable. Outcomes were the best possible. Also, the advice and legal work on will preparation and estate planning was excellent.”

*Angela Mary DeRosa*

“I had the pleasure of working with the Feaman Law firm after the passing of my mother. As an educator, I was in a desperate situation with very little resources. Mr. Feaman and his team worked very hard to bring a resolution to my case. Without them I would have lost my mother’s home. They worked hours that I never could afford without asking for a dime more. I am forever indebted to Mr. Feaman and his law team. They are an amazing, smart and caring family.”

*Christina Wester*

“I highly recommend this practice for the expediency and professional handling in legal matters. The administrative staff is extremely helpful and compassionate. After previously going through a long drawn out situation with a different attorney, Mr. Feaman was recommended . My issues were taken to task very quickly and dismissed within a few months. Go no further if you need help. This is the team for you!”

*Mrs. Barbara Kalish*

“When Peter M. Feaman agreed to take my case, within minutes of meeting with me, with a strong legal argument that other experienced lawyers before him had not seen, I sighed a sign of relief. He was ready to win my case and that is exactly what he did! He represented me against an adversary with unlimited funds (and lawyers!) and won my case with tremendous skill! Peter is an exceptional legal “warrior” and strategist as rarely seen and, while staying on the offensive never let any move by my adversary go without a brilliant countermove. I am also an attorney and was privileged to see Peter in action with his obvious integrity and passionate desire to win. He was amazing in Court where his vast knowledge and experience obtained through decades of hard work benefited my case as I am sure it does the rest of his clients. I rested in confidence knowing Peter was by my side through great challenges, and he kept winning one issue after another. I thank God for Peter and his remarkable talent!”

*Heather MacLean*

“I hope that we have not left anyone out here and if we have please accept our apologies because this is meant for everyone in the office. We want to thank all of you for all of the time, effort and endless hours that you all have put in for us over these past three years in your efforts to help us recover any funds that we could through the different lawsuits. There aren’t really enough words to express to you how grateful we are because without all of you only God knows where Georgette and I would be today if we hadn’t been able to recover some of what was taken from us. Every one of you always made yourselves available to us and treated us with the utmost respect during a time in our life when we really needed encouragement, especially during some of the more difficult phases of this. Only because of all of you, thankfully Georgette and I can now move on with our lives and put all of this behind us. It will take some time but we’ll get there. So again, thanks to all of you for helping make this possible.”

*Ed Rohe*